Vineyards 22.5.2017

After a rainy sunday, it got sunny again, and not too warm. Short morning walk to the vine yards and the adjacent forest.

The saplings reach half a metre already ...

The overall impression is a bit of (early) summer.

First flower buds  ...

The vineyard - peach tree has got some fruits ...

A short leg above the vineyards, inside the steep forest. Where two years ago the wood harvester has made terrible devastations, new shrubs are covering the aisles, for instance here lots of peltaria (Peltaria alliacea).

Other plants have grown, and germinating bush and trees will close the gaps in a few years.

Lots of white dittany (Dictamnus albus) are growing in the small open areas..

Once more "decorating" Lucy ...

 ... but you can clearly see that she she has unbreakedly raced around me across country.

Back to the vineyard.

Lots of new fruits on the blackthorn.