Vineyard walk 11.11.2015

Still unusually warm. Not mauch wind, as compared to yesterday. With 22 °C I leave my home at 11:30 a.m. with Lucy for a more than 2 hourīs walk to the vineyards and back to Winzendorf.

Clouds make up for interesting light-and-shade - effects.

At first along the railway to Puchberg.

Still rapeseed fields in flower.

Panoramic view of the Fischau mountains. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Shades on that ploughed field

I am approaching Brunn

Hawthorn, with plenty of fruits.

View back to Winzendorf and to the Semmering mountains.

Another rape feld, fully blossomed ...

 ... and with the view to Winzendorf.

Weikersdorf in the background...

 ... and Wiener Neustadt.

Approaching the vineyards now.

 ... and a short leg into the "Brunntal"

Last leaves on the vines.

Lucy is a noteably good dog: she stays seated, so that I can take this photograph.

Now back to Winzendorf

Last view back to Wiener Neustadt.