Golden Autumn in the Vineyard 27.10.2015

Sunshine, and I have two hours spare time in the afternoon. Time for an a bit longer walk with Lucy to the vineyards between Winzendorf and Bad Fischau/Brunn.

Starting through Winzendorf ...

 ... passing by the football ground.

Cherry tree in a fenced garden

Out to the fields...

The sun is rather low already.

The wind has blown down many leaves, ...

 ... as well as in some vineyards.

Whalenut trees are pretty now with their yellow leaves.

Winter grain on the fields

A cherry tree ...

 ... on the dam of the water conduit.

Approaching the vineyards.

Walking a bit into the Brunn dale.

Making photographs turns to an addiction ...

View over the "Steinfeld" ("stone field").

This whalenut tree has already lost most of its leaves.

View to the Steinfeld ...

 ... and over to Bad Fischau and Wiener Neustadt


Behind this vineyard and the little forest to the left is the "lily grassland" with the dwarf iris. It will take thm another half year to flourish.

Vineyard bothy.

View back to Winzendorf

Green manure - rap is in full bloom now.

This rap field even has a more intense yellow color as compared to the autumn leaves.

Wayside shrine near the water conduit dam.

The narrow tarmac road to Weikersdorf.

The sun is now sinking, and will soon disappear behind the mountain.

Last streak of light.

Heading back to Winzendorf.

Vineyards and winter grain.

view back.

The very last shafts of sunlight.