Vineyards and Moon night 31.12.2020

Last day of the year´s walk with Susi and the dogs, and a moon night at New Year´s eve.

Wonderful weather, though cold. From the outskirts of Winzendorf, we first walk along the upper end of the vineyards.

View to Wiener Neustadt.

View to Weikersdorf

On the way back, we stroll along the aqueduct dam.

The two umbrella pines I´ve admired the day before yesterday.

Winzendorf is hidden behind the hill.

A concrete base on the dam invites to sit down, and the dogs can act as models for the photographer. Bella ...


 ... and both, Lucy and Bella. 

Lucy and Bella.

A clear starry night, new snow on Schneeberg and full moon yesterday. Dressed in multiple layers, equipped with torch light, camera and tripod, I drive to the fields near Saubersdorf.

Schneeberg enlightened by the bleak moon light.

Here on the low hill called Gesanger Bühel, beneath the transponder casting its moonlight shadow on the fields.

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

The view to Wiener Neustadt goes into the moon, of course outshining this picture, as all other pictures exposed for 30 seconds.

First pyrotechnics lit in Saubersdorf.

Still calm over Winzendorf.

A last view to Schneeberg.

To all of you who are reading this (regardless how much time has elapsed in between) I want to whish a wonderful, better New Year 2021 !!! My recommendation is: get vaccinated as soon as possible!