Vineyards and Fields 3., 5. and 6.11.2020

Three times out in nice late autumn weather, to the vineyards between Winzendorf and Bad Fischau, the fields between Saubersdorf and Willendorf, on 5.11. also to the pilgrimage church of Höflein and in the "Neue Welt".

2.11.2020: After last night´s rain I have to venture out into the sun. It is still a bit cloudy, but I catch a sunny spell in the vineyards. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Excellent visibility today, so the Rosalia mountains are visible perfectly.

Winzendorf, with Bucklige Welt and Wechsel in the background.

Nearer to Bad Fischau.

A glimpse back to Winzendorf.

A glimpse back to Winzendorf.

Vineyard panorama near Bad Fischau/Brunn looking to Wechsel and Winzendorf. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Clouds hanging at Semmering and Wechsel region.

European spindle (Euonymus europaeus) near Bad Fischau.

Riding now with my mountainbike through Weikersdorf and branching off to the fields heading for Willendorf. Ruin Emmerberg nicely depictured in front of the shady Hohe Wand.

The goal is the birch alley near Dörfles/Strelzhof, with its wonderful view to Schneeberg - not today, as the mountain is still wrapped inclouds.

5.11.2020 - No more clouds on Schneeberg. After posting some parcels, I proceed with the mountainbike across the fields.

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

A small pond, surrounded by trees and a fence, private property seemingly.

More beautiful views to Schneeberg.

Hohe Wand.

Today, the birch alley is in the sun, and the view to Schneeberg is free.

European spindle (Euonymus europaeus)

The birch alley leads through the fields heading for Willendorf.

View back.

I continue my ride up to the Römerweg and crossing Willendorf. Near the Römergrube a nice view to the pilgrimage church of Höflein ...

 ... where I have my next stop to look back down Willendorf and to the Steinfeld and the Rosalia mountains.

The other direction gives view to Unterhöflein, Schneeberg, ...

 ... Oberhöflein and Hohe Wand - on its upper south side, I walked along last week

Panoramic view from the Höflein pilgrimage church to Schneeberg and Hohe Wand. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

A last ascent to Oberhöflein, and I enjoy the downhill from Zweiersdorf (this s the view from there to the Fischau mountains, far right Kienberg) through the Neue Welt.

From Stollhof down, I take a  rugged dirt road. View to ruin Emmerberg, Schlossberg to the left.

Ruin Emmerberg.

Ruin Emmerberg.

6.11.2020 - a short dog walk through the vineyards.

View up to the marble quarry ...

 ... and down to the fields towards the plane. The two umbrella pines are marking the last foothills of the mountains, built from conglomerate.