Vineyards 14.10.2017

Wonderful, sunny and dry autumn weather is a big motivator for a walk to the vienyards.

We park the car at the outskirts of Winzendorf.

The vines gradually are turning yellow and red.

Some a bit less ...

 ... others a bit more.

Still not completely yellow now.

At the branch off to the marble quarry.

We are heading for the Brunntal.

This vineyard is a bit suffering from weed.

This one however is optimal:

Open soil near the vines and grass in between the lines - preventing soil erosion.

View to the Rosalia mountains ...

 ... and to the Engelsberg.

We now head for Bad Fischau-Brunn.

We read the advertisement earlier, reporting:

Bad Fischau´s "Heuriger" at the old fire brigade building serves "Sturm" (fermentating grape juice, at the state between juice and wine) in the vineyard.

Only a few visitors still - they just arrived.

But everything is ready, and we are served our "Sturm".

The boss at the tap.

View to Winzendorf.

First guests are arrived.

Walking back to Winzendorf.


After Lunch at home we return to the "vineyard Sturm Heuriger", this time using our bicycles.

The sun is deep already, ...

 ... and much more people are here now.

I go for a short stroll around, while Susi is chatting to friends.

Zooming in to the Roslalia mountains.

Last sunlight.

In the meantime, you have to queue up to get something.

A wonderful autumn day comes to its end.