Vineyards and more 2.4.2017

Warm spring weather with temperatures above 20 °C. I decide to get up early to enjoy the sunrise in the vineyards between Winzendorf and Bad Fischau.

Thanks to internet info, I know that the sun would rise at 6:27 a.m., and so I am up here in time to prepare my tripod.

A first small part of the sun emerges, ...

 ... getting larger, ...


 ... and finally can be seen all above the horizon.

The view to Wiener Neustadt ...


 ... and the Leitha mountains.

I walk a bit farther ...

 ... and find myself in this picturesk scene on the upper end of the vineyards.

Flowrishing peach trees between the vines.

The pink flowers are shining in the red light of the morning sun.

The sun is more up now ...

 ... shining at the vineyards.

St. Lucie sherries (Prunus mahaleb) in flower at the outskirts o the forest ...

 ... and flowrishing sloe.

An overgrown vineyard. Nobody seems to take care of it, the vines are not cut yet.

On the highest point of the road to Bad Fischau/Brunn ...

 ... I branch off on a narrow footpath  ...

 ... after a few minutes leading to the iris grassland.

Pygmy iris (Iris pumila) are flowrishing here in several colors.

Pasque flowers are already withered with green fruits.

A St. Lucie´s sherry visited by a comma butterfly (Polygonia c-album).

Flowrishing peach trees between the vines.

Winter grain doing well here - as opposed to other areas like Carinthia, where it did not rain for many weeks.

Pheasant´eyes (Adonis vernalis) near Bad Fischau-Brunn

St. Lucie sherries (Prunus mahaleb) in flower

Pheasant´eyes (Adonis vernalis)

St. Lucie sherries (Prunus mahaleb) and sloe along the gravel road.

Late afternoon, I return to the iris grassland with Susi.

Spring cinquefoil (Potentilla neumanniana)..

pygmy iris

Beautiful light late afternoon.

Bucklige Welt view.

Once more the peach trees from this morning.

Berg Steinkraut (Alyssum montanum) near the road.

Walking my hallway in the evening: Tomcat sammy sitting on the roof window.