Vineyards and more 23.12.2015

Only a bit more than an hour´s spare time this morning, when I start out with Lucy. Mist in the early morning, then, at 9 a.m., the mist begins to dissolve. But it does not keep very distant ...

I walk to the football area and further on to the fields and vineyards.

Mist is drawing up from Bad Fischau and Weikersdorf ...

 ...  but it doesn´t arrive completely.

Winzendorf´s big quarry

View back to Winzendorf


Now up into the vineyards

View down to the plain from the road along the vineyards.

Fischau mountains

A huge whalenut tree.

The mist is now drawing a bit upwards.

Lucy always waits sitting down when I take a picture.

A field with winter grain in between.

I walked down there in the sunshine at the beginning of my walk.

Back to Winzendorf.