Rainbow day 6.11.2013

This morning, I look out of the window, the sun is shining, everything´s wet, and there is a gorgeous rainbow over the mountains. Immediately, I hurry for the camera to depict the spectacle:

The view from my sleeping room ...

 ... and from the bathroom.

A foen weather situation: whereas rain clouds are hanging over the mountains, the plain stays clear, and the deep standing November - morning sun illuminates the clouds. I have to drive to the post office in Weikersdorf and take the chance to start from there for a walk over the fields heading for Saubersdoref. Here, I get a constant good view to the rain clouds and stay far enough to be in the sun.

Shower over Schneeberg, which cannot be seen therefore.

Hohe Wand and Fischau mountains this will be seen on many pictures now.

Prosset gorge

View to the south with the Bucklige Welt and the Wechsel mountains.

A shower is passing by and provides another, though more faint rainbow.

Winzendorf´s limestone quarry

Autumnal fruits - European spindle

A good view to the ruined castle of Emmerberg

The next rainbow ...

 ... ends where the dwarf iris are flourishing in spring.

A small, overgrown froundwater pond between the fields.

Still rain in the mountains.

And another rainbow ...

 ... this time over Winzendorf.

180 degree panoramic picture ... click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Under this rainbow, I can find my pot of gold ...

Thin, high clouds are now spreading over the plain.

Weikersdorf´s church. The sun now disappears behind clouds, and soon thereafter, it begins to rain down here. I have to drive home, the magic is over.