Walking over fields from Weikersdorf to Saubersdorf and beyond, 6.12.2012

A morning drive to the post partner in Weikersdorf, already "fully dressed", but still unsteady where to go, ends up with me parking the car shortly outside Weikersdorf, when I got a view of Schneeberg. I spontanuously decide to start my walk from here. and walk along gravel roads to Saubersdorf and shortly before Dörfles, where I turn around and walk back along neighbouring roads.

This picture, taken from the parking space, shows why I start from here. This view makes even walking in the plain a joy.

The old elementary school of Weikersdorf. Only the special school stayed there.

Still rather sunny, but high clouds show that the weather isn´t stable - the forecast is for showers.

Weikersdorf´s church.

Still sun on Schneeberg.

I have reached the low hill behind Saubersdorf, which is for several years is "decorated" with a cell phone tower.

From here you can see that snow even begins near Willendorf.

View to Wiener Neustadt

Sonnwendstein with the transponder of the ORF, the Austrian TV and Radio corporation. Behind to the right with the cloud on top is Hirschenkogel with the arteficially snowed ski slopes.

A small bit of snow ...

 ... here too.

The light is growing more sallow, clouds are drawing in..

A week or so ago, I had a little discussion with some English friends about the question of hunting being "sports" or not (English people seem to regard hunting as sports). Looking at this hunter who definitely is too lazy to move his hunting dog by walking himself, and makes use of his all terrain vehicle instead, once more I have to strongly doubt this estimation.

It has rained a lot recently.

Even more sallow light on Schneeberg  ...

Reed along the route, near Dörfles. This is where I turn back.

Very convenient to have the raised stand close to the road - so you need not walk there.0

Schneeberg summit  ...

... will disappear soon.

The fishing pond near Saubersdorf

Schneeberg "swallowed" by a snow shower.

The shower also covers ...

 ... Hohe Wand.

Shortly before Weikersdorf I get a whole overwiev of the shower clouds.

They don´t touch me (though I would not mind, because I am standing close to my car), but are heading for Semmering and Wechsel.

Panoramic view taken from near Weikersdorf - a huge shower in the area around Puchberg/Schneeberg. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.