Weichtal Gorge 26.7.2011

Several weeks ago, I have arranged with Hl to do a walk on Schneeberg today. However, the weather is not really appealing, and the upper part of the mountain is wrapped in clouds. So we do the Weichtal gorge, which can be done at any weather (accept during a thunderstorm).

As opposed to my tour 9 days ago, the scenery is gloomy; so, many pictures are made using a flash.

Here, the flash has enlightened too much the foreground.

Much more water today as compared to last time - during the last week it has rained a lot..

Kientaler hut is closed during the week. For the descent, we choose (after 1^1/2 hours on the southern Grafensteig), Stadelwandgraben, which I used for ascent 9 days ago. Due to the drizzle I now left my camera in the bag.