Botanical Walk 8.4.2010

Prof. Georg Grabherr from Vienna´s university has asked me to guide a student of his, who is planning to assess the flora around adriatic lizard orchids (Hirmantoglossum adriaticum) growing near Vienna for her diploma thesis. So I meet Marion Werling shortly before 8 a.m. at Winzendorf´s railway station, and we start up with bicycles to the places where the orchids are growing, laying several kilometers apart. We only can see the leaves at the moment, but for me it is intersting anyway, because I now can find plants that would not flourish in summer, but now are not hidden by high grass.

First we ride to the "lily grassland", the hidden place between Bad Fischau/Brunn and Winzendorf, where, besides the orchids, thousands of dwarf iris (Iris pumila) are growing. This is the view from there over Winzendorf and Willendorf to the Semmering area with the Sonnwendstein.

Iris in magenta ...

 ... and yellow.

In between also Mountain- alyssum (Alyssum montanum)

After looking for some more orchid places, we further ride via Doerfles and Strelzhof to Willendorf, where there is another orchid place above a grassland.

View from there to Willendorf and Würflach (the atter with the church)

Spring Adonis (Adonis vernalis) near the orchids.

At last, we have a short visit to Blosser Berg, although I have not found Lizard orchids there.


Cypress Spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias) or maybe another one (euphorbia seguieriana?) - do I get some help?

Iris pumila.