Winter forest near Waltersdorf 7.2.2009

A second day in the thermic spa, and another sunny day. Today, I do not drive for so long, but tra to discover the very near surrounding of the spa.So I drive to Wagerberg shortly behind Waltersdorf.

At first walking over fields ...

 ... but soon into the forest. This picture has been put together from 6 pictures in two rows of three pictures each, making up the impression of a super wide - angle lens, however without any (perspective) distortion.

Today, it can´t decide for with or without fog. The sun is the winner, however inside the forest the air is wet enough to create a thin layer of fog which is dissolving over the tree tops.

Once more a composed picture - this time from four pictures in square arrangement.

Fog over a small clearing

Sunbeams casting their light on a small beck.

The path nearly invisible

Small side track to my way to the neighbouring village of Burgau.

Burgau now already in backgrouind, as I am walking over fields ...

 ... heading for Neudau, which can be seen in the distance.

Frozen Big Neudau´s pond. Numerous sign boards are advertizing being forbidden ice skating, fishing, bathing, collecting mushrooms ... nearly everything except breathing, I think.

I ´d not trust the ice though today after several days of thaw.

Passing ...

 ... Neudau and ascending to ...

 ... Unterlimbach, here the ice pond on the upper outskirts of the hamlet. Ice ponds served for cutting out ice blocks which were stored in special rooms, keeping there for several months. They were then used in special boxes in the households to keep food cool - in times when refrigerators did not exist. Today, the pond is an Eldorado for fishers.

A bit further once more reed, ...

 ... hiding another bigger pond. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

View in direction Oberlimbach. I just have to cross the forest to the left to get back to Wagerberg, after 4 hours of walking.