Venet 30.6.2017

Further training in dermatohistopathology in Zams/Landeck (Tyrol) on July 1st morning - a day travelling day is necessary. Of course I start early in the morning, so my arrival is at noon (I was lucky with the traffic - no jam). I choose my accomodation in a spacial location gewählt: the Venet hut on the summit of Krahberg close to the summti sation of the Venet funicular, at an altitude of 2.208 m asl. Of course now time enough for a pleasant afternoon walk.

At the funicular, the check-in for the hut is down here.

And up we go, 1.438 m altitude difference. This is the view to Landeck ...

 ... and Zams (far right).

Mist in the upper part of the journey, but sun on the top. View to the Lechtal Alps, over swirling mist.

The first leg of the ski piste.

The Venet hut has been built a few years ago with Crowd funding, to improve tourism in the region - the Venet skiing area was at danger to get shut down at this time.

View to the south to the western Ötztal Alps.

Upper inn vally, with the border to Switzerland after a few miles.

From left to right: funicular summit station, self service restaurant (they call it "panoramic restaurant", but it has the air of a staff canteen), Venet summit hut (with the air of an oversized bivvy tent), radio- and TV transponder.

Mist swirling up and down.

Ötztal Alps

Chapel near the Krahberg

I walk down to a small saddle ...

 ... and up again, along the ridge, to the Venet summit.

View to the North to the Lechtal Alps. Mist seems to cover the Inn valley, but I think it only wraps the upper slopes.

Venet summit in clouds

View back to the Krahberg.

Free view to the summit now.

Lots of Small White Orchids (Pseudorchis albida) in the mountain grassland.

Krahberg with the summit station and the hut is wrapped in mist now ...

and free again ...

Lechtal Alps

More mist on the Venet summit.

Flower meadows

Mountain everlasting (Antennaria dioica)

"Western Alpine Clover" (Trifolium alpinum), seems to be the easternmost area of growth here.

More mist at the summit station ...

 ... and on the ridge.

The southern slopes are fre of mist in short time, but on the Northern slopes, it persitently stays.

Panoramic picture as seen from the Venet ridge to the South till Northeast. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Zooming in to the summit station on the Krahberg, with the Parseierspitze (3.036 m) in behind, the highest mountain of the Lechtal Alps and only summit in the Northern limestone alps higher than 3000 m.

Western Ötztal Alps

Upper Inn valley. Behind the Samnaun group (right) a shower is building up.

Free view at the moment ...

... to the Krahberg ...

 ... and to the Venet summit too ...

 ... which is much closer now.

The shower enlarges ...

 ... and approaches.

At the summti cross of the Venet (2.512 m), the actual summit is only a few metres higher.

The shower has passed by in the south to the Ötztal Alps, a few sleets, and it was over.

Venet summit.

Venet summit.

Panoramic view from Venet summit. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.


A second shower in the Samnaun group

Another panorama from the Venet summit. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

View from Venet to the Ötztal Alps in the Southeast ...

 ... and South.

The second shower also passes by.

I enjoy the flowers on the summit ridge.

Alpine marguerites (Leucanthemopsis alpina)

I find a rock to stabilize the camera, so this video isn´t too wiggly. (click on the link to start the video)

Zwischen den Felsen große Polster Moschus - Steinbrech (Saxifraga moschata)

Starting the descent ...

The mist at the northern slopes has dissolved ...

 ...  and the view down the Inn valley is now free.

All of the mist has disappeared.

360° Panoramic picture from Venet - this time without mist. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Leopards´ bane (Doronicum clusii) and the view down the Inn valley.

A last panorama from the Venet ridge. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

First Rusty-leaved Alpenroses (Rhododendron ferrugineum)

Upper Inn valley

Not so far back to the hut, and this is nice if I have a look to those clouds ...

The rain didn´t catch me, and I go out onto the roof terrace of the Venet hut. A few thunders, but I don´t catch a flash in a picture.

View down on Landeck and Zams.