Teneriffa Easter 2014

This year, we wanted to try Tenerife for our easter holiday. We are accomodated in a nice hotel in San Eugenio Bajo (Costa Adeje) on the south coast. Most of the Canarian islands (at least those with high mountains) have two climatic zones: a northern one on the North coast, where the passat wind is retaining clouds - here it is a bit cooler and it rains much more. On the northern mountain slopes there are even "mist forests" where mist is hanging nearly all the time. The side, however, is protected from the passat clouds by the mountains and sunny, at least at the coast. In the mountains, sometimes there are stable thermic clouds.

13.4.2014 - Mountain walk to Guajara

14.4.2014 - An island round trip with the car

15.4.2014 - Mountain walk to the Pico Viejo (3.135 m)

16.4.2014 - Loro Park

17.4.2014 - Boat trip to dolphins and whales

18.4.2014 - Teide National Park and beach

19.4.2014 On the flight home - this time with good weather - a few nice views to the island:

Pico del Teide in its typical constellation: passat clouds to the right (Northeast)

Still a few rests of snow

Our flight route goes above Fuerteventura ...


 ... and Lanzarote. These two islands have mountains only up to maximally 600 m - so there are nearly no passat clouds forming, and the vegetation is much poorer.

Lanzarote with the small island of Isla la Graciosa to its North.