Thaw 13.3.2005

Spring at least comes. Daytime temperatures climb up to 8 C, and the weather report says even 17 C on Thursday, 17.3. These temperatures of course
do great harm to the snow cover, although heaps and wind drifts will stay much longer. A 90 min walk from Winzendorf via Weikersdorf, Nussbaumweg
and the fields to Fischauer Berge, finally via vineyards to Winzendorf, about 7 km.

Frauen beck

View back to Winzendorf

The tracks are already free of snow, however at times flooded by the melting water

Schneeberg, to the left Weikersdorf´s last building, to the right in the background Winzendorf

View to Brunn an der Schneebergbahn

A lot of mud today. Never mind, ´cause ...

... in Prosset beck ...

... you get clean again !

Hedges for wind break

View along the first Vienna´s aqueduct to Weikersdorf´s church. The aqueduct was constructed more than 150 years ago during
the reign of Emperor Franz Josef. It leads from Hoellental between Schneeberg and Rax more than 70 km to Vienna and was a
revolution at its age. Till that time, water bound epidemics occured frequently in Vienna, for eample typhoid fever, which killed
the composer Franz Schubert in 1828 at age of 31.

Further course of the aqueduct alongside Fischauer Berge