Thaw 13.2.2005

During the night of 10th to 11th February the temperature rose from -18 to  -23 0C up till +6 0C, associated with heavy rain up to 1.000 m above sea level. In a few days all the beautiful snow except small rests melted away

Prosset beck (compare with the picture from 4.2.2005)

Railway level crossing near Kindergarten and sporting ground in  Winzendorf

Only compressed snow in the car tracks has maintained - however icy and very slippery. Compare with picture from 4.2.2005

Snow showers on Semmering and Wechsel

Wechsel. On higher slopes enough snow yet


Bucklige Welt. Much snow as well

Viwe to Wiener Neustadt and Leithagebirge

Zooming in on the "Skyline" of Wiener Neustadt, with Leithagebirge and the Hornstein limestone quarry

Once more the railway level crossing near Kindergarten and sporting ground

The snowdrops in my garden blossomed out in January have well survived the sibirian coldness of the last week

18.2.: Huge lots of new snow on Schneeberg