Strelzhof and Puchberg 3.1.2014

Another sunny day, and I am fed up of sitting at home or working. So, I start for a local walk at 10:10 a.m. - over fields till Strelzhof, returning through the forest via the Blosser Berg, back in Winzendorf at 12:50.

As now mist is drawing in, after 20 minutes of break at home, I join Susanne driving the kids to Puchberg for their riding lessions to enjoy a second walk of 1 1/2 hours near Puchberg.

My first walk in the morning.

Frozen puddles will accompany me most of the walk.

View back to Winzendorf


Saubersdorf in the distance


I wonder what is planted here with soil heaps already in autumn?

Fishing pond near Saubersdorf

At the small chapel on the hill near Saubersdorf

This view goes over St. Egyden to the Wechsel region, with Sonnwendstein far right.

Hohe Wand



Winter grain of wheat is growing already ...

In permanent shadow from a dense pine forest there is hoarfrost for the whole day.

Frauenbach, now several kilometers above Winzendorf

A fruit garden in Strelzhof


Hohe Wand as seen from Netting ...

 ... and Dachenstein.

Now I walk ...

 ...through forest ...

 ... back ...

 ... to the Blosser Berg ...

 ... and Winzendorf, where mist is drawing in.

Good friends on this farm in Winzendorf

My second walk near Puchberg.

In the afternoon, view from the Halmerhof to Schneeberg.

A bit farther, already near Unternberg

Daysies are blooming at that time of the year on this southern grassland.

View over the hamlet of Unternberg to Schneeberg. Most of the December snow has fallen victim to the long lasting thaw since mid December.


Panoramic view of Puchberg, with the Himberg behind, Hoher Hengst to the right with the hamlets of Knipflitz and Schneebergdörfel. Click here or into the picture for a larger verison.

Puchberg with the Himberg in behind.


Hoher Hengst and the hamlet of Weiler Knipflitz - at its front outskirt you can see the Halmerhof, where my daughters are enjoying their riding lessons.

Schneebergdörfl, with the Mieseltal in behind. Even the summit ridge of Hoher Hengst (far left) is nearly completely devoid of snow.


On tghe drive home, we touch into the mist between Grünbach and Höflein, as many times. However: Shortly before Winzendorf, the mist clears a little bit, so this gives me the opportunity to depict a partly misty sunset.