Strelzhof 22.12.2015

Late morning, I start for a walk with Lucy over fields and grassland from Winzendorf to Strelzhof, back through the forest and Blosser Berg. In this mad year weatherwise, today, two days bfore Christmas, it is so warm that I have to take off my anorak.

Deer are resting in the fields ...

 ... until they take notice of us.

A cheup in between if we are dangerous or not ...

 ... but the distance is to be further increased for safety.

Only small amounts of snow on Schneeberg.

Lucy likes the grass.


Approaching Dörfles ...

A rather active mole.

Hohe Wand

Wechsel and Semmering

Good Lucy always waits when I am taking a picture.

Birch alley near Dörfles.

The gales about two weeks ago have felled this tree.

The trunk was rotten already.

Frauen beck, a few kilometres upstream Winzendorf.

Into the forest of the Fischau mountains now. A glimpse of Hohe Wand.

Arrived on the Am Blosser Berg. Winzendorf with Wiener Neustadt in behind, the Leitha mountains on the horizon.

Panoramic view from Blosser Berg over the Steinfeld ("Stone field"). In the background the Rosalia mountains, Wechsel and Semmering far right. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.