St. Egyden 13.1.2015

Once more sunshine and mild weather. I make use a few morning hours off and walk from Saubersdorf to St. Egyden and back.

A few variants of Schneeberg ...

I see lots of wildlife today, mostly hares.

Fishing pond.


Wayside shrine on the hill behind Saubersdorf.

Hazel nuts are flourishing already.

Heading for St. Egyden

Another wayside shrine near Saubersdorf, this time near the gravel road


Rocks in the field.

My second visit to the Alpacas. I am received a bit restrained.

Panoramic view of and Hohe Wand. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

First glimpse of St. Egyden“s church

First houses of St. Egyden

Puddles in the fields

Private fishing pond.

Hohe Wand


Puddles in the fields.