St. Egyden 27.12.2015

A morning walk of nearly three hours with Lucy unterwegs - starting from Winzendorf to the fields and the hill near Saubersdorf, further on to the outskirts of St. Egyden and on a more western route back, nearer to the mountains. Glorious sunshine, but a bit crisp, tis morning┤s hoarfrost persisting in shady areas. The evening┤s weather report tells about 16 ░C on top of Hohe Wand this afternoon!

First to corss the large greassland behind the Frauen beck - there isn┤t a suitable gravel road or path, and I don┤t want to walk the tarmac road due to the car traffic.

This drainage channel was excavated and deepened recently, the trees cut down. If next year▀s summer and autumn will be as dry as this year┤s this will not be necessary. In 2014, however, this grassland was nearly "drowned" by the lots of rain.

Hoarfrost in the shadow.

These old sallows have been repeatedly cut short.

The pond near Saubersdorf is in shadow in large parts, so it is mostly frozen ...

 ... apart from the area, where fresh and warmer water flows in.

View from the hill near Saubersdorf - this one goes to the Rosalia ...

 ... to the Bucklige Welt ...

 ... to Wiener Neustadt ...

 ... and to Schneeberg of course.


 ... and zooming in with the ORF radio transmitter in the background.

Wiener Neustadt: the cathedral, far right the water tower and the military academy. Ground fog in behind.

Bucklige Welt.




My old friends, the alpacas, are present.


Shortly before St. Egyden, I hold the camera for a photograph of Schneeberg, when these roe deer run into the picture.

A small pond near St. Egyden.

Back, shortly before Winzendorf.