St. Egyden 15.1.2014

It has rained during the night, but later in the morning the sky cleared, and the sun is out. So, I start for a walk at about 11 a.m. - from home nearly to St. Egyden and back.

Schneeberg still has a hat of clouds, which obstinately persists for the whole day.

View back to Winzendorf


Good view to Wiener Neustadt from the hill near Saubersdorf, with the Leitha-mountains in behind.

Vine yard near Saubersdorf and the view to the Bucklige Welt

It´s not me who held the camera inclined - the chapel in fact is inclined!

Wechsel- and Semmering region.

The cloud hat still persists. On days like this you better stay down in the plain. Today (16.1.2014) the cloud has dissolved, as can be seen on

The picture of Fischerhütte Ost from 16.1.2014, 1 p.m. First mist is building up on the plain.

Hohe Wand

Bucklige Welt

Hohe Wand


A newly constructed drainage channel to dry up the wet field.

Still water on the opposite side of the gravel road.

Winter grain

Shortly before St. Egyden

Deer playing in the grass, but fleeing shortly thereafter.

A small fishing pond behidn the trees ...

Reed besides the goit

Close up of the fishing pond, St. Egyden in the background.

Hohe Wand


Russian rooks have their winter grounds here.

On the way back to Winzendorf.

16.1.2014: Hans-Jürgen Pietsch has sent me this picture of today´s sunrise. A notorious late riser like me does not get such a view - many thanks!