Walks 11./12.1.2022

It has become very cold; I walk the fields from Winzendorf, crossing dry and frozen ground, much easier than during other seasons.

11.1.2022: View to Wiener Neustadt - the spires of the cathedral can be senn. man sieht die Türme des Doms. Weikersdorf´s church to the right.

Schneeberg in the dust today.

Reed growing along the drainage ditch.

Fruits of the snowball - beautiful, but poisonous.

Evening light on the drainage ditch.

12.2.2022: Better visibility today, still with some dust on the plain. Deer besides the reed.

Schneeberg above the dust.

Winzendorf, ruin Emmerberg and Hohe Wand.

Today, I walk a bit further than usual heading for Weikersdorf.



View to Weikersdorf (southern outskirts)

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

Why did the farmer leave this patch of reed? ...

 ... because there is a water hole here, despite the dry autumn. 

A bit further this beautiful group of alders.

The drainage ditch a bit more down, without reed.

I reach the tarmac road between Weikersdorf and Winzendorf and walk back along.

Frauen beck

Frauen beck.