Walk 27.11.2021

It has snowed last night. Now the sun is out a bit, so I prolong my daily dog walk to the fields on the other side of the Frauen beck.

First I have a look to my greenhouse, ...

 ... for a test, if the potatoes, which I had planted in Juli to replace the overgrown and mildew infested courgette, have grown. Looks promising, indeed.

Wonderful light on the fields with the sun out.

Hay bales and the view to the Rosalia mountains.

Hay bales  - Schneeberg still in clouds, of course.

Molehills in abundace, all with a nice cap of snow.

 Hay bales and the view to Winzendorf and to the ruin Emmerberg, in the shadow of a cloud. Can this change?

View to the Rosalia mountains.

Drainage channel and the view in the direction of Schneeberg.



The trees along the Frauen beck. The sunny spells are changing quickly at the moment, ...

 ... with huge differences of light.

A bit more light now on the ruin Emmerberg.


I pass the pond, ...

 ... and the small wooden bright over the Frauen beck.

Much more snow of course in the shadow of the trees. Sunhsine now on the ruin.

So I walk back to the fields ...

and enjoy a better view to the ruin Emmerberg, ...

 ... with the cloud-shrouded Hohe Wand in behind. This picture will also be published in my book "Die Hohe Wand - Landschaftsparadies vor unserer Haustür“ , ISBN: 978-3-99024-972-7, Kral Verlag 2022. The planned title page can be seen on top of the Homepage.

Back now on this side of the Frauen beck, and a last picture of the ruin, behind the Prosset gorge. A perfect strategic view point, indeed.