Walks on the fields, first flowers 9./14./15.2.2019

Free mornings are used for walks over the fields or to the Fischau mountains.

9.2.2019, late afternoon. Enjoying the warm evening light, I walk a bit the grassland behind Frauenbeck.

Sun already standing low ...

 ... gradually disappearing behind the clouds on the horizon. 

Last sun on the grass.

14.2.2019 - a somewhat prolonged walk from home. Puddles in the fields are normal in late winter.

Residual clouds on Schneeberg after the recent rain.

Mini-waterfall of the Mori beck.


Mori beck.

15.2.2019: first winter anemones in the garden. I walk to the Blosser Berg and further on till Netting, back via the "Steinernes Bankerl" ("stone bench") along the Prosset gorge.

Blosser Berg, in the foen weather situation the visibility to the distant mountains (Wechsel, Semmering) is excellent.

In the warmest, sothern places the first pasque flowers start to flowrish.

I found a picture of Schneeberg in Facebook, the author excplained me that it had been taken from the "Katzenkopf" ("cat head"). I looked for this small, wood covered summit, and I was successful.

View from the "Steinernes Bankerl" to Winzendorf and across the "stonefield" to Wiener Neustadt.