Local walks 7./8.3.2018

The much too cold weather has come to an end. Today (March 7th) much above zero, and the snow is melting rapidly in the sun.

Still enough snow left in shadowy places.

Everything gone in sunny areas. It is a bit hazy today, ...

 ... so the visibility to Schneeberg isn´t that good.

Frauen beck at the outskirts of Weikersdorf.

A huge tree has been felled here, but I suppose its roots had endangered the stability of the bank.

Frauen beck.

Winzendorf and the Prosset gorge.

March 8th: Today we get 10 °C and wind. Changing clouds are wraping the Schneeberg summit.

The compressed snow cannot be walked on: it is covered by 10 cm of watery slush.

The ice on the fishing pond still takes some time to melt.


Wiener Neustadt (cathedral and military academy)

Wechsel region

Hohe Wand behind the Fischau mountains.


Semmering in the background

Back at the pond.

The melting water cannot drain into the frozen ground, so stays on the surface in large puddles.