Walk 10.12.2015

After a misty bank holiday and a rainy Wednesday, it is sunny today. I start for a morning walk with Lucy, to the fields.

Frauen beck

The fishing pond that was constructed near Frauen beck a few years ago.

Schneeberg ...

 ... is free of clouds today.

These deer are still not sure, what´s going to happen ...

 ... but now they know, ...

 ... turn tail and run.

Meeting some collegues.

Lucy also has a try, being a tiny bit slower ...

Anyway, this grassland has many interesting mouseholes.

I keep the telephoto lens on the camera - a new approach resulting in some interesting views.


Winzendorf, ruin Emmerberg with Hohe Wand in behind.


Hohe Wand

Winzendorf, with Hohe Wand in behind.


Two horse riders walking along the fishing pond.


Two more deer.

Winzendorf and the big quarry Far right is Engelsberg with the rocks, where I was on Monday.

A freshly ploughed field - the sharp plough share has left behind many plain surfaces.



Back at the fishing pond.

The rape plants that were in bloom a few weeks ago have suffered considerably by the december frost.

Playing with light and shadow ...

This "shelter belt" actually consists of fruit trees.

The old willow where my wife Susanne was playing in a tree house when she was a child, is now deceased completely

Romania? Hungary? Burgenland in 1950? No - Winzendorf!