Local Walk 23.11.2015

Wonderful weather, but it got rather chilly recently, only a few degrees above zero. A two hourīs walk in the fields between Winzendorf, Saubersdorf and St. Egyden.

Schneeberg is covered with snow on its plateau.

A flock of row deer flees - and re-gathers in the distance (not far enough for my camera though).

Two more deer.

Oilseed rape is withered now.

Lucy, the Schneeberg dog.

On the way back.

A few fleecy clouds in the sky


Hohe Wand

Lucy is a very good dog - she stays sitting when I want to take a picture of her.

Nice view from a small hill, ...

 ... overgrown with black pines.

Winter grain, and fleecy clouds in the sky.

View to Wiener Neustadt.

Mitterberg witha glimpse of Hohe Wand behind.

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

View to the Wechsel region - backlight always.

Alpacas in an enclosure.

I am ...

 ... welcomed ...

 ...at the fence.

Way back

A bit more clouds now.