Walk to the vineyards 3.11.2015

Still many leaves on the vines, but now they fall down more quickly due to first morning frosts.

2.11. A short walk in the afternoon along the Puchberg railway. Heavy wind blows off many leaves.

Prosset beck

4.11. At noon, the mist dissolves, and I start for a local walk ...

 ... with Lucy.

Still hazy though.

A short detour up into the forest.

The tree harvester has raged here. Many of the pine trees had to be cut down, because they were impaired by the very hot and dry summer and therefore got fungi infections.

However, I ask myself, if it was necessary to build this huge area. If I pick a few pasque flowers here, which are protected by law, I can be fines. Destroying lots of them at one blow doesnīt have consequences in this strange country.

It will take years to regrow the forest ground with the normal flora.

Letīs look at the more joyous things - I walk through the vineyards at my descent.

Still dusty in the plain.

Prosset beck in Winzendorf.