Walk 20.10.2015

After several days of rain or mist the sun is out again. I have an hour of free time and start for a short walk - without the dog, because Lucy has a training lesson afterwards, better she isn´t tired then.

One of Winzendorf´s farmes has geese for some time and this year also sheep.

Because there hasn´t been frost as yet, the leaves aren´t very yellow.

Winter seed has germinated after the rain. If next year´s summer is hot like this, this wheat will be ripe before the dry period.

Late flowers.

Green manure seed.

Everything´s wet after yesterday´s heavy rain.

It seems the sunflowers are not cropped this year ... too small after this heat and dryness.

A glimpse of Hohe Wand.


This view goes to Brunn/Bad Fischau

The fishing pond halfway Saubersdorf

In the bush near the road the clematis has got its pretty fruits.

Schneeberg can´t be seen today - still wrapped in clouds.

Later, on the way back from the dog training ground near Weikersdorf.