Local Walk 22.9.2015

I have to go to the post partner in Weikersdorf. With two hours spare time, I decide to tackle the distance by foot.

Late buckwheat fields in flower.

Still water in Frauen beck, but rather low after the long dry and heat period this summer (and only small amounts of rain afterwards).


Winzendorf and Hohe Wand

Frauen beck

The way back from Weikersdorf I take the route over the fields between Weikersdorf and Saubersdorf. This leat of the Frauen beck does not contain water.


Hohe Wand

Hohe Wand and Winzendorf´s limestone quarry

Still some corn fields standing, but the corn cobs have brown leaves like mid October and only small seeds. This is a place where puddles used to be during the winter, in other, even more dry places, the corn grew no more than knee-high - these fields are mowed  in the meantime.

Doesn´t look so goo though - in the grassland besides this field, the soil has broad cracks.