A Local Walk 8.9.2015

Lucy is now old enough to be taken to longer walks. After finishing work late morning I start for a walk to the fields near Winzendorf.

It is cloudy with some sunny spells.

The corn has suffered considerably from the tremendous heat and dryness of this summer. Here, some lines were mowed for animal feedstuff.

The same is true for the sun flowers.

This field does not look as bad as others, which are completely withered. In this place, you can watch large puddles during winter and spring - seems to be a benefit for the plants.

On August 15th, however, a hailstorm has frazzled most of the leaves doing more harm to the plants.

A bit further on, they look better ... Winzendorf in the background, far left is the Blosser Berg. In the forest to its right, the wood harvester has raged. They say the trees are sick. Another consequence of the heat?

Droughty corn leaves - unusual for early September.

Here, the weed has overgrown.

Spots of light on the forest.

View to Würflach.

Today is not the optimal day for walking a summit.

The potatoe plants in this field are completely withered - a consequence of the aridity or ready for crop?

Good girl Lucy stays sitting, even without the lead, when I take a photograph.

Sun and clouds ...

Sun flowers - this time seen from the opposite side.

Fruits of the wild teasel (Dipsacus fullonum) besides the path.

Plentiful  Canadian goldenrod (Solidago canadensis), an invasive plant more and more overgrowing unused areas.