Walk 17.12.2014

I have a bit of spare time in the morning, an the sun is shining. So an immediately for a local walk.

Clouds still dominating, but it is a dry and rather mild winter weather.

Snow only far up. As there has not been real frost before, green manure - rape plants are still in flower.

Clouds in the summit region.

Semmering- ...

 ... and Wechsel region

Bucklige Welt.

Once more Wechsel and Semmering

Mist around the paper mill in Pitten.

Würflach, Willendorf and Schneeberg

St. Egyden´s church.

First sunny spells.

Bucklige Welt.

And all of a sudden, the sun is out. Everything now looks different.

View up to Schneeberg ...

 ... and Hohe Wand. After so many fallen trees due to ice, only two paths leading up to the plateau are open.

Back shortly before Winzendorf.