New Year´s Walk 1.1.2014

Got up at 9 (as first of the family) ... reading the newspaper with an extended breakfast and then, as the sun is shining so brightly, a short local walk to the Frauen beck.

Hoarfrost after a clear night only stays in the shadow.

The large puddles on the fields are covered with a thin layer of ice.


Frauen beck

The new fishing pond of Weikersdorf´s Lord mayor finally is framed by grass.

Not a very good visibility today ... Schneeberg in the dust.

From a more close viewpoint it looks much better of course - Hans-Jürgen Pietsch has sent me this picture from his today´s morning walk to the Falkhöhe near Puchberg with the view to Schneeberg.

Still here near Winzendorf there is hoarfrost in the shadow.

Everything thawed in the sun at temperatures above zero.

Frauen beck at the outskirts of Weikersdorf.