A local walk 2.3.2013

A short walk with Sheila to Frauen beck. Thze sun is shining at last, and it is getting warmer. In the plains, the snow is molten nearly completely.

Only rarely, Frauen beck has so much water - it gets the water from regions with still melting or molten snow.

Traces of melting water everywhere.

Lots of snow still up there.

Sheila takes a bath.

Shaking the pelt afterwards is a must.

Weikersdorf´s Mayor has constructed ...

 ... a beautiful pond here.

Puddles everywhere.

Reed besides Frauen beck.


Frauen beck.

We turn back at the outskirts of Weikersdorf.

Sheila has found a place for digging ...

 ... which leaves its traces afterwards. Another bath will be necessary.

Hohe Wand

Huge puddles on the fields.

Winzendorf at Lake Winzendorf.

Even the road ...

 ... is partially flooded.