Spaziergang 14.11.2010

It should become a nice gentle sunday walk in bright sunshine, "the big round" over Weikersdorf, where the "Heurige" Philipp has opened this week, a good opportunity for a nice meral.

It begins with bright sunshine and beautiful autumn colors.

Corn field with Schlossberg

But what´s that? There is ground fog drawing up from the plain.

It cannot be overlooked: fog is beginning to cover us; presumably, it is caused by a weak thermic wind in the mountains, which sucks the cold air from the plain, carrying with it the fog.

Unsspoiled view to the northwest.

The fog is coming from Wiener Neustadt.

Fischau mountains.

We now enter the fog area. Weikersdorf cannot be seen.

View back: it will not last for long till Winzendorf is covered too.

Panoramic view from the fog to the Fischau mountains. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

A last view to the sun, then it is all over. The rest of the walk and of the day, everything is grey in grey.