Walks 26.+29.12.2009

26.12.: A wonderful day, so we start for a morning round walk to Weikersdorf and back

At the crossing of the railway to Puchberg, near the local football ground

Prosset beck

Schneeberg with Winzendorf in the forground

Frauen beck, Schneeberg


Frauen beck

29.12. - The plan to meet my wife at noon in Wiener Neustadt leads to th eidea for a walk there, the route is about 9 km.

Last houses of Winzendorf

The route is along the railway, then along Prosset beck.

View htrough Prosset - gorge to Hohe Wand

this time zooming in

Hoarfrost, where the sun does not reach the ground.

First clouds when I am behind Bad Fischau. Schneeberg not as stunning as before.

Only 20 minutes to Wiener Neustadt now.