Walk 20.12.2009

It has become very cold, with continuous frost for several days, and recently, it has, though only a bit, snowed. At -8 C and sunshine we start for a short walk heading for Weikersdorf.

View back to Winzendorf, with Prosset gorge and Hohe Wand in behind.

Frauen beck ...

... with lots of ice

Schneeberg in the dust

Hey ball

Snowy road. Not much snow, but due to the coldness, it stays.

Reed at Frauen beck

The beck nearly frozen here.

Icy cascade near Weikersdorf´s elementary school

Winzendorf is a bit farer away now ...

Fischau mountains, viewing in direction Brunn

Ice on Frauen beck

Wayside shrine

Sheila had to take a bath in Frauen beck - dispite the low temperature.

I wonder how I ...

 ... get rid of those frozen droplets?

Ok, then let´s do another good run.

Winzendorf, Hohe Wand

In the afternoon we visit the "paradise garden" near Molzbachhof, where we had a delicious dinner.

Now, during advent, there are booths there

Icy (artificial) waterfall in the "paradise garden"

St. Wolfgang´s church in Kirchberg - "The church on the mountain" - "(Die) Kirche (am) Berg"