Walk 15.11.2009

After many weeks of hard work in my garden I take time for a walk near Winzendorf to catch the last of this year´s autumnal coulours.

We are walking through vineyards in direction Bad Fischau/Brunn. View to the Fischau mountains.

Most of the coulourd leaves are grounded already.

Only a few tree species, like maple or birch, have retained them in greater numbers.

Fischau moutains with Schlossberg.

We are walking along the shelter belt ...

 ... crossing the tracks of the Puchberg railway to Prosset beck.

Behind the Prosset gorge a glimpse to Hohe Wand.

Sheila is taking a bath ...

 ... in Prosset - beck.

Prosset - beck, back in Winzendorf.