Walk 25.6.2009

After two days of nearly continuous rain the sun comes out today, but it is rather warm and damp - the immense lots of moisture must get somewhere, of course. In the morning, I walk down to Frauen beck with Sheila.

Winzendorf and the Prosset groge, with Hohe Wand in behind.

Mayweed and red poppies on a narrow fallow ground..

Rape from last year´s seeds is growing on this fallow.

Frauen beck is brimful with water after two days of rain.

Mayweed ...

 ... covering a whole field.

Corn is grown rather high already on this field.

The mayweed field from another perspective.

While I am making photographs, Sheila is enjoying ...

 ... in Frauen beck.

Once more Winzendorf, the quarry, the Prosset gorge and Hohe Wand, zooming in.

Perfidiously overgrown puddles in the field that easily can be overlooked by the photographer ...