Walk 26.10.2008

On today´s National Holiday we have guests for brunch. At noon, the fog unexpectedly lifts, so we all do a walk over fields between Winzendorf and Weikersdorf.

Vineyards, Weikersdorf in the background

Vienyards up to the forested Fischau mountains.

Late oilseed rape seeded for green manure.

Rose rhps are ripe now..

In the dust the ridge of the Rosdalia mountains.


This is the path to the marble quarry, which can be seen by the rocks on top of the mountain

Prosset beck

A large trunk is laying beneath the road, with mushrooms on it.

Back shortly before Winzendorf, behind the sport ground.

Lots of late autumn fowers.

Birch near the beck in Winzendorf