Walk 30.6.2008

This evening a short walk with Sheila until the outskirts of Weikersdorf.

It is a clear, colourful, mild summer evening.

View to Bucklige Welt

This morning has seen heavy rain due to a thunderstorm.

Due to high wheat prices on the world market, many more fields with wheat can be seen this year.

View to Fischau´s mountains

The hail not only has devasteted my garden, but also this corn field.

Greater Willow Herb(Epilobium hirsutum) in a wet place near the road

Wheat in the evening light

Teasel (Dipsacus fullonum)

Camonilla near the road

Once more wheat ...

Frauen beck is full with water after so much rain.

Oilseed rape is ripe - many siliques are open already, the seeds fallen out - has the hail knocked them out?

View over wet grassland to Bucklige Welt

Votive wayside shrine ("Marterl") near the outskirts of Weikersdorf ...

 ... with a glimpse to Winzendorf

Once more corn devastated by the hail - hope the farmer has an insurance.

Back at the outskirts of Winzendorf, in the last sunlight ...

 ... and with long shadows.