Changing Autumnal Weather

A changing weather period with rain showers, sunny spells and snow on the mountains, with a strong wind. Having caught a bit of a cold, I can´t do longer walks.

6.11.2007: A short dog walk to Frauen beck. Clouds on the mountains, just a glimpse of Schneeberg visible.

Last autumnal colours on the trees.

Winzendorf, Fischau mountains and Hohe Wand, with a bit of snow even down to about 1.000 m.

Winzendorf with Prosset - gorge and ruin Emmerberg, Hohe Wand behind.

Once more Winzendorf

Zooming in on Schneeberg

Interesting cloud formations

8.11.2007: I have to deal with something in Bad Fischau. On the drive back these oil see rape fields, still blooming.

Panoramic view with Weikersdorf to the left and Bad Fischau/Brunn far right, Fischau´s mountains behind, far left in the background Hohe Wand, Schneeberg wrapped in clouds. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Zooming in on Weikersdorf´s church

Winzendorf´s disused limestone quarry, Hohe Wand behind.

Clouds throwing shadows.

Brunn an der Schneebergbahn

Snow on the mountains with deep hanging clouds.

Winzendorf with Prosset - gorge, Hohe Wand

I take a short detour via Saubersdorf: the beck behind Weikersdorf is full of water after recent heavy rains.

The last houses of Weikersdorf

Zooming in on Weikersdorf´s church, this time from the other side.

Coming from Saubersdorf shortly before Winzendorf. Beautiful light effects make me stop my car once more.

Still leaves on the beech trees in the forest.

Winzendorf and Hohe Wand, far right the old village church.

The new year´s winter seed is germinating.

Clouds are drawing fast.

View to the Wechsel region: snow on the mountains.