Walk 20.9.2007

Yesterday, I initially planned to walk on Kienberg. However, shortly after my start near Netting I was stopped by huge amounts of parasol mushrooms in the pine forest, which I decided to collect. Today, I tried my luck between Muthmannsdorf and Dreistetten. Interestingly, I found only a few parasols, but lots of greening saffron milk caps (lactarius deterrimus).

I have to stop at the drive for this view of Schneeberg.

Zweiersdorf in the foreground.

Hohe Wand with Stollhof.

View from the starting point of my walk in southern direction: Fischauer Vorberge to the left, Hohe Wand to the right.

View to Willendorf/Wuerflach, through the gap in the range of the Fischau mountains near Netting.

The northeasternmost part of Hohe Wand with Herrgottschnitzerhaus.


Hohe Wand

Inside the forest, there were no good views for a picture.