Groessenberg 22.4.2007

After nearly three weeks of continuous warm and sunny spring weather I have to go looking for first orchids. So I walk up from above Muthmannsdorf throgh the forest to Groessenberg and to a grassland where I have found Green-winged Orchids (Orchis morio) two years ago.

Unbelievable, but this year the beeches have fully developed leaves even in April.

Beech forest in afternoon sun.

Felsenbirne (Amelanchier ovalis)

On Groessenberg summit: View over "Neue Welt" to the western parts of Hohe Wand, with Schneeberg behind, today a bit hazy.

Dreistetten and ruin Starhemberg

"Heather" - Gorse (Genista pilosa) near the summit cross of Groessenberg, not standing on the highest point.

On the way back in the forest.

Strawberries on a forest clearing

The grassland is by far not so succulent as compared with two years ago, and I did not find orchids. Hope they are not the victims of the use of the place for horse pasture

Only smalls amounts of grass on the dry soil.

Spring forest


On my further way I found Coral Root (Dentaria bulbifera) in the light mixed forest, ...

 ... mainly in large groups.

Green-veined white butterflies were visiting them.

Pity, but I did not catch a close up of the butterfly.

Back near the car, a view back to Groessenberg, ...

 ... and over the lovely dale named "Neue Welt".

In the grass last cowslips (mostly withered now).