Christmas Walk 25.12.2006

After several days of a high fog blanket some strong wind disrupts the clouds, making it bright for some hours. Time for a short round walk.

Reed near Frauen beck

Frauen beck. Schneeberg should be visible from here, but is wrapped by clouds. Viewing Schneeberg - Webcam teaches me that the high fog has become holey and has raised a bit, now (on early evening) wrapping even Hohe Wand.

Mitterberg, Hohe Wand and Winzendorf with the disused limestone quarry

The limestone quarry

We are walking above meadows ...

 ...  to Winzendorf´s sporting ground, ...

 ... where the tracks of the railway to Puchberg am Schneeberg are leading along.

15.45 - as I am writing this page, evening light is conjuring pretty lighting on our neighbours´ houses.