Walk 22.10.2006

Our friends from Kirchberg are on visit. The weather being so beautiful, we go for a short walk from Weikersdorf to the nearby horse-chestnut - avenue and further on till the level crossing with Schneebergbahn

The kids are using their bikes ...

Autumnal colours are dominating

View in direction Bad Fischau/Brunn

Winzendorf´s disused limestone quarry Steinbruch and the Prosset gorge

Autumnal rape is still in flower

Lots of hay bales are waiting to be carried home

Shrubbery near the road, ...

 ... and the horse chestnut avenue. The kids now start collecting the chestnuts.

In the field behind the avenue: buckwheat, ripe for crop

Autumnal maple trees ...

 ... and their leaves.

Behind the railroad embankment once more buckwheat and rape, Fischauer Berge in the background. Click into the picture for a large version


Reed - seeds. View over a ripe buckwheat field to Fischauer Berge.

Behind railroad embankment a wind-protection belt ...

 ... and its front side.

On the way back to Weikersdorf, with the first houses.