Walk 11.3.2006

Today it is mild, but a bit windy and cloudy with sunny spells. A short walk along Frauen beck to Weikersdorf.

Rests of snow in the shadow. View to Fischauer Berge

A shower in the Wechsel region

Schneeberg summit in clouds

Sheila has taken a bath ...

The chapel at the outskirts of Weikersdorf

Our way has lead us along these trees...

Winzendorf, Prosset Schlucht and Hohe Wand

Frauen beck here has been dredged shortly, so now it is an unattractive channel rather than a beck ...

Alder bloom will be rather encumbering for Allergics this year.

Alder blossoms

Bucklige Welt, still with lots of snow

Hochwechsel, with much snow too