Walk 18.2.2006

At least it has become warmer, but +10 C is unusually warm. Puddles and water flowing everywhere, however the ground is soft only superficially, deeper parts are still frozen hard as bone. With friends and their dog, a Labrador retriever named Merlin, we walk over meadows and fields in direction Weikersdorf/Bad Fischau

Prosset - beck in Winzendorf ...

 ... and a bit further down.

Here the dogs can rave ...

 ... ad libitum

Large poplars are growing at the brookside

The shallow water channels are full up anyway. The water undermines the snow leaving thin bridges.

Drifts have left much snow here.

View towards Wiener Neustadt with the spires of the cathedral. Merlin enjoys the day.

View to Rosaliengebirge ...

 ... and to Weikersdorf´s church.

Behind Prosset gorge there is Hohe Wand.

Our way now turns to the left ...

 ... and here besides the horse chestnut avenue there is another new water channel.

Near the railway level crossing water of Prosset beck is retained and  is overflowing a small grassland.

Here you can take a good swim.

 ... however Prosset beck ...

 ... is now comfortable too.

Huge puddles on flat fields.

View to Rosaliengebirge

 ... and zooming in; Weikersdorf´s church to the right.

Along vineyards leading up to Fischauer Berge we turn back to Winzendorf.