Walk 5.2.2006

After many days of severe frost with -10 C at noon, and being extremely busy at home, a short walk at least. A bit warmer, "only" -1 C at noon. A short walk to Frauen beck with the dog.

Where the sun can spend some warmth near the tree the snow is molten. A glimpse on Schneeberg behind Blosser Berg, ...

 ... and here with Zoom.

Although some warm water wells flow into Frauen beck, it is partially frozen.(View in direction Weikersdorf ...

 ... and view in direction Winzendorf)

Sheila has discovered the ice jam. A cool bath at least, a nice benefaction at such warm weather ...

Good to get rid of most of the water when shaking the coat.

And when you are a bit wet, on digging the mud sticks much better

In the shadow of the trees the snow of course does not melt. Due to the rain before the coldness the snow is frozen so hard, that you can walk over the surface without caving in.

View on Winzendorf, the Prosset gorge and ruin Emmerberg, Hohe Wand as backdrop.